In the Making: Logo design of Rays Rooftop

Identity Rooftop Solar

Another project in solar industry. Audegn Studios started with the solar industry in Oct 2012. My friend Sahil Arora introduced me to Mr. Rahul Gupta – founder of RaysExperts pvt Ltd and a kickass entrepreneur himself.

We had a few mails exchanged and Audegn was re-inventing the brand RaysExperts. Ever since, RaysExperts has been our flagship client – and we have contributed mutually to each other’s success. 2 years later in Sept 2014 , Rays Group is venturing into the rooftop solar power sector and Audegn Studios is appointed for building its brand identity.

We started with a few initial sketches and started figuring out what are we looking for in our logo.



We were able to shot down a few things:

1. Circular/Square / Hexagonal Shape

2. Simple. Very Simple. May be just a R – like Suzuki’s S.

3. Pure Blue Color

4. More on the abstract side and less on cliche solar graphics side.


Finally after trying out on atleast 10 different designs and philosophies, we found our shape. (Bottom Right Corner)

The next step was to make sure that whatever ideas we sketched, are translated into the digital environment without losing the impact.

We begun with taking curves with intersecting circles having radius in the golden ratio. We were able to carve our ‘R’ easily out of the given shape. The next step – was defining a shape around it. Undoubtedly – circle was suiting and hence we got our logo.

RaysRooftop Logo

Now we had to focus on associating color, typography and defining the identity around the logo design. I will share our pointers behind choosing what we chose.

Typography: We were looking for a thick solid look – with curves to appreciate the use of circles in the icon. We found Harbara Pro to be the best suit for the font – but we had to play with it around some alphabets before it could be declared fit for use.

Color: There was no question about it since we had already frozen upon pure blue color of CMYK pallet. This is a strategic decision that lays out a very clever brand philosophy – staying consistent in colors. Allow me to give you some background knowledge. When we use colors in logo design, we should prefer sticking to pure colors – as it doesnt produces visible variations in the prints (If different printers are involved – which is inevitable.)






I will be sharing another post soon about how did we spun around along the logo to define the identity of Rays Rooftop.

Stay Ablazed!




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