The First Project


I had never thought that facebook can be a turning point in my career. No, I did not get a job offer from facebook but something unexpected happened. All of us love childhood stardom. We like it when people like our posts and specially when we are in our late teens, we would just post anything on facebook to get noticed. Atleast I did.

I had uploaded a digital drawing on my wall which was getting noticed. My friend Jagveer Singh Gandhi liked the post and the story was displayed in his friends feed. 30 minutes later, his friend and I was having a discussion about a potential logo design for his startup.

Thats where it all started.


I started Audegn in 2011 with a vision to automate design and manage the massive design infrastructure around the world. Entrepreneur. Architect. Brand Guy. Designer. Developer. Growth Hacker. Workaholic. Solar Consultant. Startup Lover. Blogger. Fast Bowler. Orator. Veg Cook

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