Pre launch shoots of #mypower #mychoice campaign


Branding is not just about making a logo design – preparing some fancy stationary and launching a better website. Brand Activation requires active efforts and lot of design thinking and story telling to do. While activating Rays Rooftop – Audegn Studios had  a wonderful time interacting with amazing people at Rays Group.

Sharing some pre launch information about the campaign.



People who are in their 20s and early 30s – have taken birth in an extra ordinary era. This is the era of doing, excelling, achieving and dreaming for more. In last 25 years – India has progressed from the dearth of poverty to becoming the worlds no. 1 technology destination. We have taken a huge leap from Maruti-800 to Jaguars. From community gatherings to lavish parties. From kacche-pakke makan to multi story apartments. From cycle rickshaw to metros. All of this was made possible by one primary driver – Energy.

Technology could grew in India because there was enough supply of energy and power to support it. But – the times, they are changing. From power cuts, we have come a long way to generating clean affordable power. The government of India is on a quest of completing 100GWs of Solar Energy Target in next 5 years. Which means – you will be your own poer producers.




Rays Rooftop is working in the industry of rooftop solar – where an expansion of 40GW (Roughly 10 Million houses) is expected before 2020.

In this quest, Rays Rooftop has just one objective – enabling every individual to own a solar plant in their own capacity. Being the brand manager of the company, we have it defined simply – energy independence. No one should depend on any utility provider for his power needs – hence#mypower #mychoice.





We will be covering the entire story in our future blog posts.

Stay Abalzed!


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