Event branding: Conceptualizing the success of Net Metering Conference

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The Rajasthan Solar Association with support from SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India) & RREC is doing a chain of events across Rajasthan to educate industrialists and people alike about solar. These events are made possible free for everyone by the support of RaysExperts & RaysRoftop – Rajasthan’s own million dollar startups in Solar.


(Above: Invite designed to invite dignitaries at the event)

Audegn is working closely with the solar industry since last 4 years to bring out the best of the Indian Solar Dream. This event, is a strategic and a combined effort of Government, Industry leaders & Industry Consumers.

The idea behind conducting such events is to educate the consumer on the best solar practices, advantages of Net Metering Concept, long term benefits of going solar and a clear cut demonstration on calculating returns of investments. take home brochures and other collateral  is also given at these events to the attendees (Which is of course designed by Audegn )


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(above: introduction hoarding)

Naming & Logo: We wanted to focus on the concept of net metering – thus we made just that. The name of the city is changed everytime we move to a new city. So far Bhilwara, Jaipur & Neemrana have been covered. more updates soon.



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Importance of good, witty & to the point copy writing: We have put in lot of thoughts in making this event a success for our client (Rays) & Well Wishers (RSA). The above ad sums up what I am trying to say. By the virtue of its power to generate clear sources of energy and income – solar is a healthy proposition for any individual (Healthwise, weath wise, return wise, completion time wise & operating costs wise) – thus in a way, lack of awareness on the customers side might lead to loss of good business.

I read this concept in a book called “The power of consultative selling” and since then, I have imbibed this idea in my business development tactics.

Coming back to the point – it is really important that the customer knows that by going solar he is investing in a reliable source of income, he is building a healthy and reliable source of income & he is saving the earth. Literally speaking – you get paid by the government (directly by sale of credits, lease etc and indirectly by relaxed VAT, low interest, better unit rate and tax rebates) to save the mother earth.



Hoarding Japan

Keeping context in mind: This ad above was made and designed in Japanese. Why? Why would you spend money to print, install and keep a hoarding on the highway side of a small town in Rajasthan, and that too in Japanese?


The answer lies in the another question – ” How far can you go to define a branding’s success?”


Neemrana might be a small town – but the industries are flourishing. Given the fact that it is at the mid point of Jaipur & Delhi – Neemrana is a strategic position for Indian & foreign industrialists to save costs of operating in a metro and yielding business from a metro. This unique factor came up in our market research – and BANG – next moment, we were struggling with Japanese translations. The ide was originally proposed by Direcctor of SunEdision India & Chairman RSA (Mr. Suman Kumar) in a meeting.

A lot of joint ventures and individual ventures of Japanese origin are present in Neemrana and industries being our prime customers, Japanese ad made a lot of sense.


hoarding Vasundhra

Borrowing Credibility to Build Brand’s Credibility: I dont think that branding is all about getting customers on board and doing business transactions. I strongly believe that branding is everything that defines the engagement of a potential customer with the brand. And a potential customer may not buy from you – but he will definetly have your brand’s image in his subconsious and thats exactly where we are hitting.

Honorable CM of Rajasthan made a statement lately that said that Rajasthan is committed to convert to 25 GW of clean energy in next 5 years. We borrowed this concept and her lines to use in our branding activity. This ensured that our efforts are in line with the efforts of government and thus, building a higher sense of security in the mind of the potential customer.

More of such experiments were conducted with words of dignitaries like Modi and words of commons alike. So far. So good.

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