In the Making : Logo Design of Vaastutects

Vaastutechs CArd

Do you remember watching Angels and Daemons? I am going to take a reference from the movie in this post.

So here it goes. The design problem was to make a logo for an architectural construction + design company – Vastutects (which was started by my friend and batch mate from IIT Roorkee Udit Kothari). We had to come up with a logo that in true sense can address these basic needs of a logo:

1. Considering letters V and A (standing for Vastushatra & Architecture) – thus making sure that the brand imbibes inherent and ancient vastu techniques to design modern contemporary architecture. Such good use of knowedge

2. Communicate the expression of being an architect without making it abstract absurd

3. Should be castable on almost all material types and surfaces

4. Be iconic, unique and glorious

Digging deeper – Who is an architect anyways?

An architect is a state of mind. Being a designer he is next to God. He is the creator and the creation is his work. Architect is a mathematics freak, design scientist, planning enthusiast and a little individualist. Architects make things that dont exist yet – but will change and support the life of humans and their communities.

The first clue we got from this philosophy was – “Creation” of the very “idea of creation” itself. The answer of point. 2.

Now – lets discuss “Creation” of the very “idea of creation” itself. If you remember the concept of Chalice and Phallus – you’ll know what I am taking about here. 


This concept is evident in lot of religions. I wont go into the details here – but the origin of symbols of almost all the religions can be traced back to this concept.


Working further into these lines, we were able to foresee where this design was going.


Thus, we have successfully imbibed point no. 1 and point no. 2. Now our concerns primarily lie with the look, feel and other aspects of the design. Here is the final result. As you can see, we have played around a little to accentuate the shapes and made it into a perfect square. Further, we have used a larger V and S for a glorious look. Thick fonts, played around with the cuts of individual alphabets (C, T, S) to play a visual movement.


Color purple was chosen because it is royal, unique, uncommon and very pleasing. It is just perfect.


I am really thankful to Udit Kothari for giving Audegn Sudio this opportunity. We really enjoyed researching on the available aspects and solving the creative problem. This is just the start of a dream.


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