In the Making: Logo Design of Nishaaz Saifi


This was a challenging yet very very interesting.

So one fine evening – I got a call from a good friend Aditya Batra. He is an actor & model. One of his designer friends were looking for a profiling and hence Aditya recommended Audegn Studio and next moment we were having a discussion on preparing the design brief.

I particularly appreciate when someone is willing to leave the creativity up to me and himself interfaces just at the fringes to make sure that the design has found the best of it’s self in the very expression of it’s self.  Being an artist soul himself – Aditya & Nishaaz understand it well.

After a few rounds of disscusing the possibilities of making a unique identity for an upcoming designer, Aditya left saying one thing – “Bhai maine tujhe sab vision, sara plan bata diya hai. Ab tu charachter compose kar de” 

It is quite often in our profession that the clients fail to distinguish between their desires and their needs w.r.t. design – and the project suffers. Fortunately, Aditya was able to communicate his side of the story. The ball was in my court now.

I started jotting down the possibilities of making the identity conforming to the story of Nishaaz and his real identity.  Here are some cues of Nishaaz’s real self:

1. Delhi

2. Youth, young & forever.

3. Love for art, indian culture

5. Love for symmetry & axis


Finding Solutions:

1. Delhi: We were experimenting with  a lot of elements to represent Delhi.  We were evaluating what can be the best fit. The element had to be free of political or social bounds. It had to be related to art, it had to belong to Delhi – for Delhi. It had to convey the mix of cultures and importance of artistry in its own creation.

Qutub Minar – our answer.

Qutub Minar holds a great importance for the people of Delhi. From early days school picnics to outings with girlfriends or family – every youth of Delhi knows Qutub like the back of his hand. It was built by the ruling dynasty and was taken over by the ruling dynasty. It had stood as a sense of pride for years.

But there is even more to it. Art has a great significance in Islam. Anything written in Urdu appears like a sheer piece of art. The architecture has evolved across the globe and has expanded from Africa to Asia because Islam always respected art. They have built world’s best forts, monuments, structures & marvels. (3 & 4)

Thus the Qutub was more than a fit for us. We have borrowed our inspiration from the patterns of the plan of Qutub Minar (Which has stark similarities with Patronas Towers). I have made this illustration to explain better.


Further on, we assigned Pink and yellow Colors (2 & 3 ) 

The result stunned us all – but we needed to do alterations before the logo can be accepted. So we added some divisions in the patterns as blank white lines in the outer petals of the logo design. And here is the result.



I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I think I am getting better at writing – but blehhh – more soon.!



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