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Its been another ablazed night working out of our temporary office – 559.

Its a 2BHK apartment where 8 people eat sleep work repeat. Humble beginnings as you call them. Struggle as I call it. This night was particularly interesting. Today, I am excited to announce that we have successfully reached a point where we believe we have a minimum viable product in our hands. Over the next few days, I will be sharing detailed insights about the product on this blog. I know it goes a long way from here and a lot of you are eagerly waiting on Audegn to give some great news. Soon fellas. Soon.

So what is Smartpage?

Well before going deeper into that, let me tell you its a tricky question. All of us at Audegn have reached a point where we firmly believe that the entire startup – VC ecosystem is a big (undefined object) and no matter how much me or Harsha or Bot or anyone else complain about it – the fact that we will be consumed by this (undefined object) remains inevitable.

Time and time again, I will keep summoning the Yin & Yang – and the philosophy of duality. As it goes in the startup ecosystem – “capitalists” fancy grand visions & futuristic ideas – but binds themselves to only those who are reaping profits already. Its so similar like the job interview ecosystem.

Where the interviewer will ask you to be an out of the box thinker – but will expect you to work under tight guidelines and rapid results (hence inside the box. Focus on the god damn growth man. Numbers – that’s where the action is they tell you all the time)

Every year, millions of dollars are spent and given as award to B-Plan competition winners – but where do they go? The best of the ideas fail to grow further because what they are envisioning is not yet ready – hence there is a higher risk involved. Thus, an investor comes and hands you over a checklist before he will let you meet him personally. Sumary, PPT, Videos, Figures, proections and a lot of somewhat boring things. I have not felt more worthless in my life ever than when I was feeling while making future projections. Seems like they are really trying to tell us that all the action is not action after all. But only a good product can stand up for everything and make up for all the questions asked.

But isnt entrepreneurship supposed to do the impossible? Isnt it about creating juicy businesses out of barren lands? I once heard that kick-ass silicon valley entrepreneurs turned around the fortunes of bankrupt companies when they took command.

Only a good product can be the answer to disruption, timing and intent of the startup. The product itself is the marketing tool. The product itself is the analysis tool. The product is the answer to all questions. And then of course you use these tools to stay afloat.

When I was asked this question again and again – What is Smartpage – I made the best of my efforts to connect everything I know with everything that can happen – and the best way out for us – and how are we making money in the process. Interesting enough – but a vision without execution is just a hallucination. And without a product in my hand we were turned down or told to wait or made to wait. So far so good. But the sad part is – no one gives a shit about dedication, sincerity, passion, knowledge or skills. They do remain as the important pack – but to my surprise, they wont even take you one step closer to where you want to go.

But dont give it away yet. I have a feeling that these things matter. I have a feeling that the sincerity and responsibility of Team Audegn will not be wasted. I still believe that one day – we will do it. We will become what we want to become. Which is why, may be Smartpage is not a hallucination. May be it is – only time will tell. What I can tell you is that I know my self from 24 years and the investors I talked to (certainly at a premature stage as they coin it) knew me for just a few hours. So chuck it – who needs to run after investment when you have a great team working on a great product. And we will build that product.

More on this in the next thread – till then – I am attaching this image that aptly captures what Smartpage does:

Smartpage Explained


PS: We are made to wait by the MHRD itself. In the name of promoting entrepreneurship – we along with two other teams won an incubation proagram at IIT Roorkee (unfortunately, our own Alma Mater). The incubation hasnt yet seen the day of light and we dont even have any written confirmation. Why would an institute like IIT Roorkee will do such a thing? Growth is the primary factor in a startup and money is needed to fuel it. We are already waiting for 4 months and our wait isnt going to end anytime soon I believe.

Still going strong. Still going wild. The more this system will push -the more Audegn will emerge stronger.


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