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Have you ever wondered why do we refer to a group of people as a community? The answer is simple and hidden in the question itself. Humans evolve because they communicate. A group of people learning from each other by imitating each other’s characteristics are trying to exchange information (communication) in order to survive (find ways to not die and improve the quality of life).

A poster I did in 2010 - illustrates the biggest tech companies of that time

A poster I did in 2010 – illustrates the biggest tech companies of that time. 90% of these companies focus on being a medium of communication.


In last 70 years – we have improved ourselves more than we improved ourselves in the 10,000 years before that. Spacetravel (from  NASA to SpaceX), Electronics(From walkman to touch screen phones), Broadcasting (From BBC to Youtube/ Meercat). I would cite more examples but I am working on making my blogs simpler and smaller.  Almost every sector from transport, healthcare, education, e-commerce, advertising, branding, retail, communication, photography is deeply and positively affected by technology and almost everything can be done by sitting on our laptops.

For those of you who dont know, we belong to the age of Information Revolution.

This is the age where pioneers will begin to forget what they have done and start afresh. When success will be a stepping stone and not a destination. We belong to an era where the world knows that it knows, and in the wake of his own consciousness, it forms itself only to explore more and negating its very basis of formation. This is the era where lack of information is the out come of ignorance, not the unavailability of information.

We are pioneers who have barely begun. We are the hungry ones who crave for more. We are the lucky ones who gets more. We are the humble ones who share more. We are the Picassos and the da Vinci’s of this century and technology is our paintbrush. We are the hackers and the painters. We are not the misfits anymore. The misfits have already changed the world for us to belong to this world – and we have to push it further.

But why am I writing this post? because I see a fundamental problem in the way we are growing and evolving – which means, the world is not in the right hands. In the wake of solving problems by technology, we have created more problems for us – first world problems. For example, ordering food is quick – deciding what you order takes time. Finding a home is easy – but choosing what to have takes time. Communicating is instant and fast – but you just cant keep up with the incredible volume of messages flowing in. My phone is great – but the battery drains out every 12 hous because of heavy use. I am still not able to use 12 hours of my day because of sleep, daily activities, chatting on whatsapp, eating and unloading. I am stuck in traffic 2 hours a day. I wait in queues even to place an order with McDonald’s. Its still a long road to go.

The aim of Audegn Innovation Labs is to find the answers to these problems. We are building tools to power an entire world. Our beginnings are humble and we have not shown any signs of spark yet – but our faith is stronger than our will. All of us need to stop building apps for Google Play store and focus on larger, harder and bigger problems. A lot of people tell me that I cant succeed doing 5 things or 10 things at the same time.. Totally. I get it already. Just wait and watch and hi-five! If I dont succeed – fine. If I do – even better. I am not going to mend my ways because someone (a lot of someones) think I cant do it (and last 4 years are a testimony to our very little success). I trust myself. I trust Audegn. And I trust the friends of Audegn like you. A better world is waiting.

More Soon. Apologies for a late post! Lots of work these days! :)



I started Audegn in 2011 with a vision to automate design and manage the massive design infrastructure around the world. Entrepreneur. Architect. Brand Guy. Designer. Developer. Growth Hacker. Workaholic. Solar Consultant. Startup Lover. Blogger. Fast Bowler. Orator. Veg Cook

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