Logo Design Handbook for Co-founders


A logo is not just a symbol. Its a powerful visual tool to communicate your brands message.

I am a man of constant struggle. My friends tell me that I dont invite problems – Problems find me and then I stick my finger around them. Fortunately, this philosophy has not proved wrong for design problems. I have had the fortune of meeting a lot of young and exciting startups. Listening to ideas is something that I really like. I have had some amazing design thinking discussions with aspiring CEO’s about how they think their logo should be. Today, not a single day goes by when I am not walking around listening to a startup idea over the phone and discussing how the design philosophy could be.

I can say one thing for sure – the times, they are changing. 4 years ago – no body really cared a lot about the logo – and honestly there were not many good designers either. There was a constant lack of creativity and pushing the limits. Today, co-founders carry a design mind set. So – What has changed, what has become and what should be done? Allow me to take you through a quick trip to clear the air.

Why are we seeing this ‘design revolution’ ?


Do you know why a group of humans is called a community? Because they communicate. Communication needs language. Language needs command. Command needs practice. And practice needs communication.

Internet has allowed us to communicate more, fast and better – and well, most of the communication is visual – thus visual vocabulary is evolving slowly and now it has reached a critical mass where everyone can see and value good design. This is so in line with the philosophy of Audegn – putting art and culture in its right place. 😀

What can you do to be a part of it?

1. KISS: Kissing someone might induce creativity but for now lets just “Keep It Simple Silly”

Never communicate lot of messages. Two is a lot.

2. Use hidden geometry

Negative spaces are cool, quirky and – a turn on for sapiosexuals. They tell us how intelligent your brand is.

3. Use solid colors. ALWAYS. 

A logo should be easy to produce on all surfaces, materials etc. People should be able to make your logo using flower petals. That simple. It could be casted, welded, molded, printed, pressed, embossed, debossed, embroidered and what not. Keeping less colors is a good idea – but if you are using more than 5 colors – use clear defined solid shapes. Refrain from using gradients in logos – it kills it.

(Just to make it clear – I dont mean to say that you never use gradient – I am saying refrain from using gradients)

4. Associate a basic shape

A simple shape is easy to remember. Try to fit your logo in any of the basic shapes – circle, triangle, rohumbus, rectangle, square etc. You can use rations like 5:3 / 7:4 / 3:2 etc for rectangles.

5. Use legible fonts – and clear fonts. 

It doesnt matter you you are – what matters is your plan. These lines from Christopher Nolan’s Dark knight Rises holds true for a font in the logo design. It doesnt matter you chose serif of sans-serif or brushed or grunge – what matters though is you plan, your idea and your intent around it. In general – the font should be easy to read, write and hard to copy. It should have good sense of spacing between characters, stroke width vs voids ratio and most importantly – it should fit the context. Grunge is geneally not accepted given its fuzzy style and random outlines – but grunge is a great option for a rock show. So context matters. You don’t walk into a club wearing shirt and lungi (Mundu in malyalam) (Unless you have a plan 😀 )


There is not an exhaustive list – but hey let your designer think over it over. If you have more to add to it – post it in the comments – I will be happy to add it to the original post.

More soon!



I started Audegn in 2011 with a vision to automate design and manage the massive design infrastructure around the world. Entrepreneur. Architect. Brand Guy. Designer. Developer. Growth Hacker. Workaholic. Solar Consultant. Startup Lover. Blogger. Fast Bowler. Orator. Veg Cook

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