Who is a designer anyway?


What the **** is design?

Before I even start – allow me to deliver a prolouge – I am gonna be straight forward(rude), open & very relaxed in my language. I am a designer after all.

But and However – being rude, open and relaxed doesnt make you a designer. After having a good start in my career, I have started to consider myself as somewhat of a designer because it feels better to think of myself as a designer than something else. 6 years ago – I had no plans of becoming a ‘design professional’ but here I am today – writing this blog post and thinking that I can help you with your awareness based on my experience.

So the bigger question – Who is a designer anyway? If you are looking to hire a designer or become one – these are some questions you should be asking.

1. Are you comfortable?

Designers can not exist without their clients. Client designer relationship is very important and the psychological implications of this relationship directly and actively affects the design quality. It is very important that the designer feels comfortable with his client. Gaining respect is also very important. Infact the entire idea of being comfortable revolves around respect for each other. Straight forward arguments can be taken as rude if there is lack of understanding – it can be taken as flattering or over praise if there is a LOT of understanding – and it can be taken as confidence if there is respect for each other. I have learned the hard way that being straight forward is the only quality you need to back your concept – it cuts the crap – removes the room for any issue related to lack of design knowledge on clients side (which happens a lot)

2. Is your client comfortable?

Designers should know how to chose their clients. To know how to chose the client – a designer must know if he can make his client comfortable working with him? If you start a project your way everytime – chances are – the clients are not comfortable with you. You should learn to respect their time, money and efforts they are putting in working with you.

Think of it this way – if you cant give comfort – you cant get comfort. Simple.

3. Delusion check! 

All the fellas getting high in the name of creativity – listen up. Are you living in a delusion of being a designer or are you just living a ‘Designer’ at ‘Shady Place’ tag on your Facebook profile??

A designer is a monk – he knows that he is a designer, but he never believes it. So kindly check if you are living just a delusional dream

4. Softwares & Skills

Knowing the software isnt going to help if you dont have the design sense. Similarly – knowing a lot of designs and  a good understanding of design trends isnt going to help if you dont know a way to express your knowledge.

5. Are you thinking about ‘Formal Education’ but dont plan it?

Formal design education is  a good option to extend your realms of understanding – but always remember – anything which is worth learning can never be taught. Only you can teach yourself how to be a better designer if you enroll in a design course. I had a bachelors degree of architecture. Some people I know had nothing do do with a design based education but they post graduated in design. The idea here is to empower and strengthen your thoughts and understandings of design through a formal education. The same understandings that you acquired without a formal education. It might sound hypocritical but the world is just Yin & Yen.



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